Scott’s Farm Market

TomatoesIn 2015 we opened Scott’s Farm Market. For years we sold our green beans, tomatoes, and corn at the main office location in Unicoi. By building a market, located at the corner of Scott Lane and Limestone Cove Road, it offers not only a convenient location but also a wide variety of homegrown vegetables.

JamAlong with the strawberries, green beans, tomatoes, and sweet corn, we have several varieties of Heirloom tomatoes which have become very popular, squash yellow and zucchini, peppers, cucumbers pickles and longs, cherry tomatoes, cantaloupes and we now have strawberry preserves made with Scott’s Strawberries.

Scott’s Farm Market is unique in that we take pride in, “If we didn’t grow it we know who did”. Our produce is all local and homegrown, therefore availability may vary. If you are looking for the freshest produce with exceptional quality visit us from May to October 31st.