Briefly About Us

Scott Strawberry & Tomato Farms, Inc. was founded in 1959 by Wayne Scott.

Wayne Scott was a high school agriculture teacher who dreamed of putting what he taught to practice. Wayne and his wife Mary Lou worked hard for many years and built a very reputable name not only in the strawberry business but also in the tomato business as well as half runner beans and sweet corn.

They were not only successful in their business but in their family life as well. They had five children that grew up working on the farm. Becky, Carole, and Mike all graduated from college with a degree in education. After teaching for several years Carole is now employed by the farm and Becky and Mike have continued their careers as educators.

A Real Family Company

Sons Steve and David Scott joined their parents in the business.

Steve graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Horticulture in 1979 and has farmed by his father’s side for the last 30 years. David graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Agriculture in 1980 and the two of them have worked hard to maintain the level of standards that Wayne and Mary Lou set years ago.

A New Generation

Scott Unaka Mountain Blueberries is entering its fourth season. Owner Steve Scott along with his sons Cody and Ryan are pleased with the progress of the crop. The amount of the blueberries that the bushes produce each season is increasing as the crop matures. The bushes should reach full maturity at six years. We plan to sell blueberries at the main farm location in Unicoi with future plans to expand and add retail stands in the Tri Cities Area. Follow us on facebook for up to date crop information.

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Available Produce

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Following is a list of the produce currently available at our Farm Location.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!SOMETHING NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SCOTT'S FARM MARKET now open at the corner of Limestone Cove Rd and Scott Lane in Unicoi.  Turn at Jones Hardware and come up approximately 1/2 mile and you can't miss us.  We have moved our produce to a new location for the convenience of our customers!!!   Come see us and get sweet corn fresh from the field, half runner beans, tomatoes, blueberries, and some other tasty vegetables.

Call 423-743-7511 for more information.


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Now sold at the New Scott's Farm Market

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Our Produce

Strawberries are the first crop of the harvest season.

The strawberries are picked fresh each day and sold at our retail sales stands located from Knoxville to Bristol. The delivery times for our retail sales locations vary due to weather conditions each day. The office staff stays in contact with Steve in the field daily, so it is best to call the office or visit our produce availability page for the most up to date delivery information.

The green bean season usually starts the third week in June, sweet corn the first week of July and tomatoes generally are harvested the second to third week of July.

The office for Scott Strawberry & Tomato Farms, Inc. is located in Unicoi, TN. At this location is the Packing House where we grade and ship tomatoes nationwide and you can purchase green beans, corn, and ripe tomatoes fresh from the fields.